Virgo Love and Marriage

You are flirtatious in temperament and simply delight in this type of reaction. But you are rarely if ever serious about it, for, like Taurean, you are temperamentally cautious.

There is something cold and distant about your temperament which may appear to others to put a fence around you and to leave you unget-at-able. Probably this is because of the element of practically attaching to your temperament which has the appearance of vouchsafing to you business-like qualities.

To those in whom you provoke a response you will appear a most difficult person to woo, for your excessive caution is calculated to keep them at bay and may have the effect of cooling their ardor. Moreover, there is something about you which gives you a revulsion of feeling at the idea of self-surrender.

Needless to say, your temperamental reactions are of a very difficult type.