Russians never seizes to amaze me, starting with their alphabet!! I find it so intriguing it makes me want to learn how to speak it. Then, I read in a History book somewhere, that if it weren't for Russia's interference during II World War, Hitler's Third Reich might have subjugate Eastern Europe. And among other things such is it's natural beauties (specially russian girls!) Russia's engineering shouldn't feel envy for any other nation's industry. Here's a perfect example of Russia's leading technological advances. Though you may think this is a dirty energy fueled technology, you can't deny it's inventive.

Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric boat lift - Russia's only boat lift, built in 1976 (officially put into operation in 1982) at the Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric power station on the Yenisei River. It is situated at the junction hydroelectric dam, which height is greater than 100 meters to the river's left bank. Consists of the outer harbor boat lift, lower approach channel, the actual lift and the turntable. The lift is an on-tracks moving platform with a track width of 9 meters and has a toothing. Each of the rail track is based on a separate rack.

In 2011, "RusHydro" begins the second stage of the power plant recovery operation, during which the machine hall stations will be installed (ten new generating units) June 17, 2011 the first batch of heavy large-sized units for Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP hydro units were shipped to St. Petersburg. These are the three runners turbines, three skeletons and maslovanny thrust of the rotors. A total of 537 tons.

Construction of the Krasnoyarsk ship lift started in 1963. It was necessary to restore navigation on the Yenisei River, terminated with the construction of in-stream dam of the Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric power station.
Officially, the boat lift was put into operation in 1982.

Developer ship lift - Lenhydroproject, manufacturer - Lengidrostal.
Boat lift is a on-track moving platform with a track width of 9 meters (the widest track in the world) and has a toothing working as grip.

120 thousand rubles is the cost for using ship lift.

For loading of the vessel in the lift, the platform is lowered below the water level.

Sudovoznaya camera transport's capacity is up to 1,500 tons, with 78 x 15 m dimensions and a 1.9 meters draft.

Airlock itself has 88 x 17 meters dimensions.

And the platform starts to move up the ramp. The barge is transported inside "afloat."

Located on the front of the superstructure, is the control panel, which manages movements and all systems of the sudovoznoy camera.

Traction to move the camera to sudovoznym paths is generated by 156 radial piston sudomotorov up to 75 kW with a flow rate of 1 turnover - 16 liters.

The rate of movement along the inclined path of the ship is 20m/min or 1.2 km / h

Rotator is designed to transfer from one chamber sudovoznoy tail water to another or to use as a repair and installation site

The length of the rotator - 104.6 m
Peripheral speed of rotation of the radius of the circular paths - 20m/min

The Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric boat lift is equipped to safely deliver the Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP barge to the Krasnoyarsk Reservoir waters, where to river tugs - "BT-312" and "Chunoyar" will continue transporting the barge up the river to Mainskaya HPS.