The latest Mozilla Firefox Beta is now available for download and testing on Windows, Mac, Linux and Android. This release introduces innovative tools to help developers build rich and compelling Web experiences.
New in this release for Windows, Mac and Linux:
Add-ons Manager with Plugin Check: Check that your plugins are up-to-date directly from the Add-ons ManagerImproved Panorama Groups: Reduces browser startup time by only loading saved tab groups when you use PanoramaImproved Address Bar: Highlights the domain name of the website you’re visiting to make it easy to identify where you are onlineStreamlined site identity blockThe Scratchpad: Quickly build and test JavaScript snippets in the browserSupport for Web Sockets with a prefixed APIMoveable Web ConsoleNew Web developer-specific menuWindow.matchMedia APISupport for server-sent eventsNew in this release for Android:
New initial experience: Firefox starts faster and uses less memory. Get to your home page quickly and discover browser features on the side panels.Higher-quality image scaling: View crisp Web pages and images with less pixelationEnhanced Firefox experience on large screen tabletsImprovements to the form helper on AndroidFresh visual style on Gingerbread OSOptimization for pages that use right to left layout rendering, e.g. in Hebrew and ArabicTouch Events for better interaction with Web pagesIndexedDB allows Web pages to store data offline for faster accessAutomatic text hyphenationA sincere thank you to all of the Firefox Beta testers for submitting feedback. Please continue to test and submit feedback to make the next version of Firefox awesome.
For more information:
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