Hi! Today I bring to you a colection of software for you to get your PC faster & softer.

First of all, I apologize cause I´m a spanish speaker & my english isn´t as good as it should be, plus, I don´t like the online translators, so, corrections are accepted & appreciated.

Para los que no hablan ni un poquito de inglés: Traducir el post al español

Lets go to the point:
A fast PC is compound by order, cleanliness & control, so I bring a colection of LEGAL SOFTWARE.
All programs listed below are FREE.
All the immages are from the download page, where all programs are hosted.

Atention! It´s important to you to install & perform the operations in the order they are listed. The links to the files are at the end of the procedures list.

The software & procedures:

1) CCleaner:
This program will clean unnecesary files from your hard drive & trust me, if this is the first time you clean your pc, it will get a lot of free space.
This program is easy to operate, just install & run, then click the "Run cleaner" button, just on the down-right corner.
Once the process have finished the ammount of data deleted will be shown in the center list

2) Avast antivirus:
There is no much to say about an antivirus software, Avast is a good choice for the home or office user, plus, it haves a sandbox, that allows you to run any suspicious program as your PC still safe.
Avast is easy to install & is totally automatic.

3) Defraggler:
This program will just arrange all the data in you hard drive, this way the system will find the data really faster, plus, it wil extend the hard drive life, beacuse the excess in disk operations is avoided.
All your hard drives must be, in deep, defragmented.

4) The disk cleaning & defragmenting should be performed at least 2 times at month.

CCleaner haves a tools pack, in the left bar, where you can find 2 interesting tools, Autoruns & Registry Cleaner.
Like I said, don´t use this tools if you don´t know exactly what you´re doing.

6) Advanced SystemCare:
It´s a software pack with automated utilities for optimizing your PC, not much to say, very good tool. Just install & let the software guide you trough the process, it´s easy to understand.
(note: the screenshot is in spanish because it´s the version I use, the original program language is english)

The download links:




Advanced SystemCare

All programs will be ALLWAYS in the last version when you download them.