Hello people, here I bring a tutorial to get the Key for Crysis Multiplayer Beta 3 .. They just have to follow the tutorial in an orderly manner and will be able to get it.

Step 1. Go to this page, is a Facebook app and give Likes and make click on picture:

Step 2. After clicking on the image, leaving them a sign saying another gray "Alter prüfen" Click and give them an image will appear type identity card, which shall be completed with the data (left picture to copy data numbers verbatim):

Here complete data:

This is information that should be copied verbatim, ie numbers.

Step 3. If you did everything right, you have to show you this picture, which must place their mail (I use gmail and I get to touch) to send them their Key, click on ABDESEN and voila, your key will be sent to your Mail ..

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