In December 2009, Verizon led 3GPP R9 version adds Dual Rx program. The laptop battery Dual Rx program with the above two the CSFB programs of difference is that the terminal program for dual-receiver, single transmitter between networks without interoperable functional modules and interfaces, all completed by the terminal between the two networks job. Under this program, the presence Acer laptop battery of the terminal in response to the the 1x registration message, receive SMS response 1x paging scene under the required conditions and termination / interruption LTE data business problems.


3GPP R8 begin to develop the LTE and CDMA 1x network voice continuity norms SRVCC have been frozen, R8 and R9 version. Laptop battery R10 version for enhanced SRVCC (eSRVCC) research project. eSRVCC the scope of the study is a voice call continuity between LTE with 3GPP 2G/3G network circuit domain does not include non-3GPP CDMA 1x. The eSRVCC research report reflected in TR23.856 the complete 1.0.0 version.

eSRVCC enhancement of the main purpose is to reduce the LTE to the switching delay of the circuit domain, the addition in original SRVCC program, the anchor point of the call is generally in the IMS VCC AS, the presence of the upper layer session with the the underlying PS to the CS handover synchronization problems in the eSRVCC program will be considered to solve this problem.

The technical solutions provided by eSRVCC solution of Huawei, CMCC, NTT and NEC SGW / PGW as SRVCC voice call anchor point program notebook battery NSN similar programs, as well as a variety of other companies. A variety of program-depth assessment of in 3GPP SA2 next meeting will.

Enhanced LTE-1x RTT eSRVCC technically to exist 3GPP eSRVCC SGW / PGW anchoring ideas to achieve the possible.


5.1 PCC enhancement

PCC enhancements 3GPP SA2 subject research project in 2009, following four enhancements demand R8/R9 of PCC:

(1) The third-party data connectivity (Sponsored Data Connectivity) refers to the third-party business (non-carriers deployed AF) Rx Interface and PCC architecture with the carrier, Laptop battery the control of the business, traffic and subtract billing. The program is being discussed, may be enhanced through the Rx interface parameters.