A month before unveiling a major new search feature, Facebook changed its privacy policy to remove the ability to opt out of search results.

In the wake of its “graph search” announcement, Facebook removed the ability for users to opt out of appearing in search results on the site, as noted by Quartz. Because graph search relies on the content of profiles to fuel its results, the move will allow more comprehensive returns on searches but may violate the privacy of users who previously relied on that feature.

Before Facebook’s changes to its privacy policy and the implementation of graph search, users were able to keep their profiles—even their most basic information—out of the searches of non-friends. This setting would make it impossible for non-friends to locate a Facebook profile, unless the hidden person reached out first

Such profiles would hinder the progress of graph search, which relies on profile content to cull information, for instance, “women who like the TV show Mad Men” or “Italian restaurants my friends have been to".

At the time of the change, Facebook product director Sam Lessin said “a single-digit percentage of users” had opted out of appearing in search results on Facebook. The site has more than a billion users, so 1% is 10 million people. The company didn’t respond to inquiries today.

Now, Facebook has pushed everyone into the limelight. We’ve noted a couple of profiles, formerly non-searchable, now appear in search results. Presumably, once graph search is turned on for their friends, the information in their formerly hidden profiles will be tallied along with the rest.

What will be Facebookistan's Dictator next move?? Prohibiting the delete of your account?