ASP.Net MVC platform is preferred over WebForms given  today’s users preferring usabilityapps for their smart phones, tablets or in the their laptops as more and morepeople are now accessing the web on the move.

Web Applications pose three criticalchallenges: User Interface which has to adapt to the device; downloading accuratedata; and accessing as per the user profile according to the business or needthat the web app caters to.

ASP.Net MVC platform addresses all the criticalchallenges as it provides complete control over behavior of the application betterthan Web Forms. It is very scalable in terms of functionality since the MVCcode is organized and granular and therefore helps in clean separation ofconcerns (SoC).

It enables SEO through RESTful URLs –Stateless Web Protocols are friendly to search engines. MVC being stateless webprotocol enables SEO and helps avoid the problem of session collisions whicharises from multiple web browsers opened on the same window.

It integrates with the User Interface Tools throughseamless integration of the application with rich user interface tools. MVCenables complete integration with JavaScript frameworks unlike Web forms.

Facilitates Test Driven Development – MVCframework allows easy web testing which means there are no surprises when itcomes to the behavior of the application.

ASP.Net MVC addresses the rapidly changingtechnology needs of growing businesses. Migration to ASP.Net MVC  Development  also proves tobe an easier deal because MVC blocks can be added to an already existingASP.Net project. So going for asp to migration with MVC framework ishelpful when WinForms is not working in a web application development   anymore.