The sensor is located on the instrument chassis, the laptop battery sensor temperature varies with the ambient temperature, the soft film oxygen permeability rate and thus change, so that the sensor test accuracy is very susceptible to the effects of changes in ambient temperature. General standard laboratory ambient temperature fluctuations between 4 ~ 5 ℃ (± 2 ~ 3 ℃), which will give their sensor drift over 0.5cc/m2day, this drift test data will produce high-barrier materials great impact.

5, the short life of the electrochemical sensor

The normal continuous barrier test case, life is only about a year.

6, the electrochemical sensor is not recognized by the ASTM Committee on Standards.

According to the ASTM Committee chaired comparison test, Acer Aspire 5738g battery especially when measuring low transmittance material, laptop battery test results will appear great deviation, can not meet the requirements of ASTM D3985. The final conclusion of the ASTM Committee is to maintain the requirements of the ASTM standard Coulometric Sensor.

III. The MOCON provide traceable NIST standard film to verify that the equipment

The absolute sensor MOCON used without calibration, the output result is entirely linear. MOCON company can still provide traceable NIST standard film, to customers as an optional means of verification, the user may need to verify that the instrument. Standard film, there are three different orders of magnitude, as long as three standard film measured values ??within the tolerance range, according to the linear relationship, we can guarantee the instrument is in the best state, on a full scale test accuracy. In the day-to-day work, you only need to use the closest that film can usually test range.

Oxygen permeability tester of other manufacturers due to the relative value of the sensor, the laptop battery so they must use the standard film calibration compensation, use three standard film, in fact, Acer Aspire 5336 battery only three oxygen concentration gradient calibration, but is three points on a curve, the calibration only, because there is no linearity, the calibration of the whole amount is invalid to said other points within the range. Finish compensation for the three calibration points with the same piece of film to do authentication, verify the accuracy of the results and not on behalf of the other point accuracy.