Browse your neighbor because you free ' detect intruse

Wireless watcher is a program that detects if we are stealing wifi
or whatever it is, if you are sailing with our connection ..

Watch our wireless network or wireless network and scanning
it shows a list of all equipment and devices that are
connected to our wifi network.

There's also an option inside the router's web page that shows
Mac addresses connected to your network.

For each computer that is connected to your wifi, wireless warcher
gives you the following information: IP address, MAC address,
and even the company that made the network card and the computer name.

You can also export the list of devices connected to fornat web
page html and xml, csv and text, or copy the list to the clipboard and
then paste them into Excel or a spreadsheet application or save it as plain text.

Once installed, run WNetWatcher, which automatically locates the
wireless adapter, and scans your wifi network and after a few seconds,
you will begin to see the list of teams that are currently connected to your network.

Download wireless watcher: Click here

System Requirements And Limitations

This utility works on Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003/2008,
Windows Vista, and Windows 7.
This utility can only scan a wireless network that you're currently
connected to. It cannot scan other wireless networks.
In rare cases, it's possible that Wireless Network Watcher
won't detect the correct wireless network adapter, and then you
should go to 'Advanced Options' window (F9), and manually choose
the correct network adapter.
although this utility is officially designed for wireless networks,
you can also use it to scan a small wired network.