JB2 USB True Blue Dongle JB2 (Jailbreak 2) v3.55 dongle playing v3.60+ PS3 games
This True Blue JB2 Dongle will only work on PS3 consoles running official firmware v3.55. In order to play v3.60+ games, True Blue Dongle must be burned onto a blank Blu-ray disc. However, games that are playable from HDD will continue to work. Keep in mind.

Developers have updated the firmware on-board the ‘True Blue’ dongle ,True Blue (aka) JB2 – Updated again to play v3.6+ PS3 games from HDD

A team who goes by the name KADO, from Indonesia, is claiming to have figured out how to play v3.60+ games on the PS3–using a new JB2USB Dongle called PS3 JB2 (Jailbreak 2) but official name is True Blue Dongle.

A new True Blue Dongle known as Jailbreak 2 (JB2) Dongle. Basically what JB2 is promised to do is playing 3.6x+ Blu-ray COPIED/burned games on firmware 3.55.Very Strange thing and out of the blue and with no big fanfare, this PS3 True Blue JB2 rumor been going around like wildfire on various forums, but now I have personally confirmed True Blue JB2 USB Dongle with one of my trusted sponsors, and will I have more information next week with detailed pictures and info on actual features, plus an sample soon afterwards to be reviewed by one of our trusted Crunching Developers!

You might not believe your eyes or ears yet, but True Blue JB2 USB Dongle is real and currently selling only locally in small shops in Indonesia, but True Blue Dongle works only on original v3.55 firmware, but it allows you to play games like Fifa 12 which have v3.60+ keys on ‘pirated Blu-Ray discs’ (burned media), but not from the HDD, unless it is older game, all the way up to the latest v3.73 games!

Biggest news ‘break’ of this year so far in the PS3 ‘scene’, and they calling it JB2 (Jailbreak 2) and it will be the real deal for the PS3 owners.

PS3 jailbreak 2 (True Blue JB2) Description

PS3 jailbreak2. official name True Blue JB2 is another PS3 True Blue USB Dongle which used for jailbreaking your V3.55 PS3 and playing V3.55 to V3.73 games which require V3.55 higher system. As we know that, the best CFW for PS3 is PS3 V3.55CFW, but it’s a pity that lots of games are not available on V3.55 system, those games need us to update the PS3 to the V3.56 or higher system which we wont do. With this PS3 jaikbreak2 USB dongle, you can play any V3.55+ PS3 games on your PS3 V3.55 system.

Booting of all games designed for V3.6+ (up to V3.73) from BD-R discs and HDD,Runs your existing games and new games up to V3.73 from HDD in conjunction with ‘backup managers’

JB2 USB Dongle Features

Can play backup games that require firmware 3.60 + (Direct boot just like the original games)
Only burned BD Disc format with some patches will work. For now, there’s no info how to make a backup iso to work with this CFW.
Can play backup games from the HDD. PS3 games with FW 3.55 or lower (via internal or external hdd)
Only works on the PS3 with official/custom firmware 3.55, not the downgrade PS3.