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Parkour, also known as l'art du déplacement (the art of displacement) is a discipline that involves moving from one point to another as smoothly as possible, using principally the abilities of the human body. This means overcoming obstacles that arise along the way, such as fences, walls, fences, etc. (in urban settings) and even trees, rock formations, rivers, etc.. (in rural). Practitioners of parkour are called traceurs (traceuses in the case of women).

Experienced practitioners agree that Parkour is an ideology. Of course there is no specific and rigid philosophy for art in particular, but for each one means something different. For some it may be just a sport that is entertaining, but live, and for other life revolves around him, others may feel it as an art with which they are expressed, and other self-improvement is a philosophy, or different paths to walk the rest of the people, etc..
A good traceur never bothers people or the environment, never endangers his own life if you are not sure get a break and never compete against others.
Because parkour is not competitive, it's just individual, some traceurs choose to do, "" mass meetings in which is displayed to other traceurs progress, technology and other features. They usually take a tour and each one chooses to do so in a proper way. These meetings are usually called among practitioners: RT.
The aim of parkour is free and fluid movement. There is no rule in parkour, just a spirit of self-improvement. Their motto is: "To be and to last '. This means that the traceur must not be compromised and be outdoing each day, and should not compete or try to outdo the other. You also have to trust yourself and not be afraid, without endangering yourself.
Purism *: THERE is a term created by some anonymous traceur, that its "meaning" is not defined, but, excludes completely the fatal parkour. It is totally false, an invention, a new fashion of Spanish traceurs. David Belle never spoke of any classification in parkour as it is concerning oneself without competition or criticism or anything like that, self-improvement.


The proper motions of parkour are known for their effectiveness and fluency. There is no point jumping a fence to climb the legs as much as possible: it must be to pass as quickly as possible.
You have to have some originality with movement as there are many possible linkages. precision cat, cat-arm-pasavallas cat, two cat, pasamurallas-back, back, arm, lateral and rotation.

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